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The Crystal Healing Bed

Introduction to The Crystal Healing Bed used as part of the Stress Management and Theraphi Treatments


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Applied Kromo Therapy Relationships:

crown chakra



This colour can treat mental disease and conditions related to the nervous system, rheumatism and conditions affecting the kidneys and bladder, the nervous system and brain. It is extremely magnetic and calming. It decompresses the motor neurone, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It purifies the blood and halts the growth of tumours. It maintains the potassium balance of the body. It acts on psychiatric  conditions, developing sensitivity.



The colour indigo can be used in conditions with the eyes, nose and ears, asthma, and lung conditions, tackling tension and stress, skin boils and ulcers, eczemas and wounds, varicoses veins. It reduces haemorrhage and affects the emotional and spiritual levels. It can treat abscesses. It is refreshing, astringent and electric. It acts on parathyroid glands.

brow chakra
throat chakra



This colour is cold, astringent, tonic and soothing. It has antiseptic qualities, and is indicated for all kinds of pains. It controls the throat chakra and produces a calm and peaceful vibration. It regenerates the nervous system. It is recommended in the treatment of worry, restlessness and anxiety. It is good for throat conditions, fever and inflammation, insomnia and headaches and menstrual pain.



This colour is much used for the heart and lung conditions as well as ulcers and headaches. It is much used in the treatment of cancer. It alleviates tension and nerve injuries. It is refreshing and soothing colour, appropriate for the insomniac and restless. It favours the function of the pituitary gland. It inspires optimism serenity and material progress. It acts on tutors and asthma conditions.

heart chakra
solar plexus chakra



This colour activates the motor neurones and generates muscles energy. It stimulates bio secretion. It is good for the skin and from psychological stand point alleviates depression. It increases the mental faculties and helps to develop logical and intuitive skills. It helps treat conditions  of the heart, digestion, constipation, liver and diabetes. It helps to eliminate calcium and is good for arthritis.



Orange is recommended for conditions of the spleen and kidneys, bronchitis and lungs, kidney and gallbladder stones, emotional paralysis, abdominal cramps and spasms, chronic rheumatism, conditions of the ovaries. It is very good for the circulatory system. It is stimulating, warm and anti-spasmodic colour. As with the colour red, it can be used to address lack of vitality, spasms and muscle cramps.

sacral chakra
root chakra



This colour should be used to treat conditions of the colon, rectum, spine, nervous system, genitals, anaemia, paralysis, poor circulation and blood conditions, the muscular system. It stimulates nerves and the blood. It releases adrenaline, activates blood circulation and revitalises the physical body. It is recommended for the anaemic, undernourished and weak.

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